COVID19 Patient Flow Protocol

Valued Patients,

In an attempt to do everything in our power to keep you and our team safe, we have implemented new patient screening and patient flow protocols. It is uncertain whether these protocols will need to be permanently implemented. We will keep you informed via our website and we will post our protocols on the office window. We look forward to serving you and we greatly appreciate you adhering to our new patient flow guidelines.

  • - Patients will remain in their vehicles until notified via phone that their treatment room is ready. Patients will be verbally screened during this call.

  • - Patients are required to wear masks before and after treatment

  • - The main foyer door will remain locked and patients will have temperatures taken in the foyer. An elevated temperature will prevent treatment from being performed. The appointment will be rescheduled for a minimum of 14 days out.

  • - The reception area is not to be used until further notice.

  • - The patient will be escorted to the treatment room by a clinical team member. Interior hallway doors will remain open at all times.

  • - Only the patient being treated will be permitted into the office. If you are accompanying a minor child, you may walk the child to the foyer and the clinical team member who meets you in the foyer will escort the child from there. Please return to your vehicle and we will call you when treatment is complete.

  • - Upon completion of treatment, a clinical team member will escort you to the front for you to check out and schedule any follow up appointments. Please maintain six feet of social distancing. Telephone check out and schedule is also available. We will make sure to minimize any unnecessary patient/patient and patient/team interactions.

Once again, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your healthcare team. These are very trying times and we will do our best to administer treatment in the safest way possible.


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