Our Technology At Nelson Dental

3D Imaging (Sirona Orthophos)

3D CBCT: Our Orthophos SL gives us the capability to diagnose and treat many conditions that would otherwise go unnoticed. From hard and soft tissue pathology to sleep apnea, 3D CBCT is a valuable oral health aid. Also, in conjunction with CEREC technology, we are able to do fully guided implant placement. This removes the guess work and makes implant procedures smooth and predictable.

Using our Drufomat Scan, we are able to make in office occlusal guards, whitening trays and sports guards custom fabricated to fit the patient’s particular dentition.

Schick 33

Digital Radiography: Digital Radiography or Digital X-Ray provides a more detailed and secure way to take radiographs while administering a fraction of the radiation of traditional film radiographs.

Rotary Endodontics
Root canals aren’t ever considered “fun”. But, with rotary endodontics, we can shorten the procedure length and more efficiently treat difficult cases.

Schick Intraoral Camera
Our intraoral cameral allows us to take detailed photos to educate patients on conditions that are difficult to see without proper lighting and angulation. We are also able to obtain before and after photos for comparisons and to help filing insurance.